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About Shogaku


The name Shogaku uses a kanji character "", which means signs or good omens.


UESHIMA has specialized in sweets with a sincere and diligent attitude for 80 years. It is based in Nara, which used to be the end of the Silk Road where various foods and cultures were gathered and sent out to the rest of Japan.


From such a place, we hope to bring an enjoyable time to our customers through sweets, rich with the spirit of Nara and guided by the concept gA gift from Nara---a sign of happiness in daily lifeh.





Explanation about each logo

Sweets of dreams
The rings of a tree, history, memory...
These classic sweets have been enjoyed by many generations of Japanese people. They wake up the memories of a long time ago, and strike a chord deep inside of us.


Sweets of Nara
These sweets tell the story of Nara. Each has origins in the Nara region and we brought out the best quality of each product. The refined taste is expressed with the triangle logo.


Sweets of natural tastes
From their source ingredients, we carefully bring out the best natural qualities in these products.
The logo expresses our commitment to keeping the values of their materials whole and delivering their taste intact.


Sweets of delight
These colorful sweets will lighten your heart!
The diagram inside the logo represents the various dishes they are served on.




Directly managed shop

Gakuenmae shop


You can enjoy motifs designed by Professor Fujino of Nara Womenfs University based on the patterns of textiles found at Shosoin, a treasure house from the Nara era at the Nara Shogaku's shop with a Japanese-style cafe annex.


We also serve arranged menus of Shogakufs original products.


Unique and impressive items like a chandelier at the center of the shop, Shosoin-motif interior decoration and the unique products offered create a surprisingly cozy space where Japanese and Western styled match comfortably. The theme of the interior design is Nara, the end of Silk Road which used to be called the doorway of Japan where culture, people and articles gathered from around the world.


















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